Wicked Club DO’s & DON’Ts

Club Rules

  • Our first and foremost rule is “NO means NO, but ASK first”, no questions asked.

It is your right to say ‘NO’. A simple friendly ‘no, thank you’ should suffice. Equally, if your advances get turned down, don’t take it personally. Every night is different and maybe you will get lucky next time. Focus on getting to know other members and make friends, the rest will come by itself.

  • No touching is allowed without permission!

This should go without saying but we strive to ensure everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

  • Body language speaks louder than words, respect social cues and couples looking for privacy.

We recommend to cue in on body language signals when approaching others. Some people don’t want to offend or reject but as a rule of thumb, start with some form of eye contact, then placing a hand on a shoulder or hand and see if there is a clear response. People who want to invite you to play will grab your hand and lead you further. People who don’t may in the mildest scenario “freeze” and wait for you to remove it or in a more direct approach actually tell you. Either way be respectful of other’s privacy and space.

  • No drugs and illegal substances. Zero tolerance!

Because we like to run a clean and fun place, we have to mention it.

  • DO have a good time. At Wicked you are free to be yourself.

Wicked is a place where you can be yourself and live your wildest fantasy, as long as you respect others. So go ahead and do what you never dared…we love it when the party gets crazy!

  • When Jealousy rears it’s ugly head!

It happens to the best of us and it’s a normal human reaction. The important thing is how you deal with it. Talk to your partner about it. Discuss what you are comfortable with and set guidelines of interaction with others and respect them.

Respect each others’ limits. This is not a race and there are no set deadlines to enter into “the game”. Always let your partner know he/she is number one. Arrive together, touch base often and always leave together.

  • Discretion is a must!

“What happens at Wicked stays at Wicked!” Never, ever discuss details inappropriately. Everything you see, people you meet or recognize must remain PRIVATE!

  • Play safe!

Be responsible and play safe! Everyone is at the club to have a good time. Know your limits, and your partner’s limits and communicate openly throughout the night. Play safe and use protection.



Dress Code

Dress “less” to impress!

For the ladies sexy club wear. Feel free to be provocative or bare as you dare. At Wicked you will be admired, not judged.

For the gents, upscale club wear (stylish dress pants, dress shirt and closed shoes) is highly encouraged.

The Big NO NO’s of our dress code:

  • Hoodies
  • Ripped/low ride jeans
  • baseball caps
  • running shoes (sneakers)
  • shorts
  • sandals


Single Gents

This is a Private Lifestyles Club, Not a Brothel.

Many of our members enjoy the company of a respectful gentleman(men) however never expect or assume that you will have sex.

Respect is the key to everyone having a good time.

Saturday nights are reserved for (male/female) couples.

We make very few exceptions to our rule for existing known members or a single gent referred by or accompanying a couple. Please remember that if you arrive together, you need to leave together. If you are referred by a couple and wish to attend on one of our “couple” nights, you would need to apply by emailing me aurora@wickedclub.com (please include 2 pictures, lifestyle experience, who referred you and any other detail you may think is relevant and can enhance your chances of being accepted).

Remember: It is a privilege for single gents to attend. Gents are there to please the ladies and must treat them with respect ALWAYS.

If at any time, ANY of the above rules are broken, you will be escorted out of the club and be banned from returning. NO REFUNDS, NO SECOND CHANCES.